Western New York Pottery Festival

A festival consisting of over 20 local and national professional clay artists.

Clay Olympics and more

Clay Olympics!!!

A Clay Olympics competition will be taking place both Saturday and Sunday of the festival. Vendors will compete for prizes with 5lbs on the wheel to throw the tallest cylinder and the widest bowl followed by a blindfolded and a handle pulling competition. The competitors will have 5 minutes to complete each task. The games will start at 10:30 and will go on until 4:00 each day. This is a fun and energized event for both the potters and the spectators! Come out and heckle you favorite potter!


Tallest cylinder

Longest Handle pulling

Widest bowl


Tallest Cylinder Blind-hold

The 2018 WNY Pottery Festival Clay Olympics winner was ????? ! Let’s see if she can keep her title again in 20189…

Raku Firing !!!!

Throughout the Festival, we fired up the Raku kiln.  You pick the bisque pottery, glaze it yourself, and we fire it on the site at the minimal fee, .  It takes about 30 minutes to one hour…

Kids Clay Activities !!!

We offer the free hand-on experience with the clay for kids age -???? for free at the workshop inside the Studio Sales.

Wood fire kiln opening !!!

We fire the wood kiln on the week of the festival.  It takes 48 straight hours of firing.  You will see the progress on the our facebook page.  We open the wood kiln with anticipation of the beauties and unload at noon on Saturday.